Yes, we grow all of these amazing fruits and vegetable on our twenty-five acres.  These dates are approximate.  To ensure we have what you want, please call us to find out what is in season.  If you are interested in a large quantities, please call ahead to make sure we have it ready for you. 812-289-1459 or 812-293-3541.

For U-Pick, please bring your own bucket, box or container to transport your fruit and veggies home.

Dates when produce is commonly available

(fruit - red       vegetables - black       flowers and misc - green)

Acorn Squash - mid September to late October

Apples – late June  to November

Asparagus – mid-April to late May

Beets – late May to late November

Bell Peppers – mid-July to mid-October

Blackberries – mid-July to early August  ****UPICK!!****

Blueberries - mid-June to late July ****UPICK!!****

Broccoli - early June to mid July & early October to mid-November

Cabbage - early June to late July

Cantaloupe - mid-July to early September

Cauliflower - early June to mid-July

Chili peppers - early July to early September

Corn (Bodacious, Incredible, Ambrosia and Silver King) - mid-July to early October

Cucumber – late June to late September

Eggplant - mid-July to early October

Flowers (petunias, geraniums, callabraca) - mid-April to mid-July

Garlic - mid-July to September

Gourds - early September to November

Grapes - mid-August to mid-October

Green Beans - mid-June to early October ****UPICK!!****

Herb Plants - mid-April to late September

Jalapeno Peppers - mid-July to September

Kale - Spring and Fall

Melon (Crenshaw, Honeydew, Amy, etc.) - mid-July to early September

Mums - early September to late October

Okra - mid-July to early October

Onions - early June to late September

Peaches - mid-June to mid-August

Pears - mid-August to mid-October

Plums - early July to September

Potatoes - early July to late October

Pumpkins - mid-August to late November

Raspberries - mid-June to early July ****UPICK!!****

Rhubarb - April to early June

Snap Peas - late May to mid June ****UPICK!!****

Snow Peas - late May to mid June ****UPICK!!****

Spinach - April to early June

Squash (Yellow, patty pan, zucchini) - mid June to early October

Strawberries - mid-May to mid-June ****UPICK!!****

Sweet Potatoes - mid-September to mid-December

Tomatoes - mid-July to mid-October

Watermelon - late July to early September


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